Bouguereau Gets Mashed Up With Iconic Magazine Covers

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Detail of Quite Frankly Magazine, Issue One + La Perle by William Bouguereau by Eisen Bernardo on Tumblr. Click for full image

Eisen Bernardo is a graphic designer based in the Philippines. His Mag + Art series on Tumblr is a collection of magazine covers and classical painting mashups. Famous paintings of artists are overlaid with iconic covers of popular magazines to produce funny and interesting visual combos.

Shown here is Bouguereau’s painting La perle (The Pearl, 1894) mixed up with the first issue of Quite Frankly Magazine. Click the image on the left to visit the gallery where you will find five more remastered versions. Click the main image above to view the full picture.

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Bouguereau Steps Out Of The Museum (2)

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The Daily Life of Gods by Alexey Kondakov. Click for full series

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov [Facebook] creates stunning digital collages superimposing characters from classic paintings over photos of present-day locations in his hometown of Kiev. The project, titled “2 Reality”, began one night after Kondakov visited a museum and discovered a painting depicting a group of friends drinking wine and celebrating, “I thought, some things have not changed in a long while.” he explains. Free from their carefully prepared canvases, these obscure figures now live among us in the streets, on buses and subways.

Below are five collages featuring paintings by William Bouguereau. Click each to visit the galleries where you will find dozens more contemporary variations.

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Bouguereau Steps Out Of The Museum (1)

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The Outings Project with Bouguereau. Click for source

Click for sourceOutings is a world participative project, initiated by Julien de Casabianca, a French visual artist. The idea is for people to liberate portraits from their homes in museums and other municipal building and place them on the walls of their towns and cities. So far, several Bouguereau paintings have found their prominent place on walls across the world. Shown above is Frère et sœur Bretons (Breton Brother and Sister, 1871) in New York. On the left is Jeune Fille se Defendant Contre L’amour (Young Girl Defending herself against Cupid, 1880) on a wall in Los Angeles. Click the images for more about this project.

Shown below are the original Bouguereau paintings. Click to visit the galleries where you will find many more remastered variations.

breton-brother-and-sister-original.jpg girl-defending-original.jpg

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Bouguereau’s Wave Gets Sorted

Sorted Wave by Craig Kaplan on Flickr. Click for source

At first sight this may not look like a Remastered Bouguereau but it is! This image is a computer-generated abstract painting based on Bouguereau’s The Wave. It was created by Craig Kaplan and published on Flickr. In the creator’s own words:

In honour of a birthday, we were asked to choose images that reminded us of the birthday girl, but that didn’t use any human or animal forms. I knew she was a fan of Bouguereau, but he basically painted people. So I chopped The Wave up into squares, clustered them into sky, skin, and sand colours, and arranged the squares into a pure geometric abstraction of a landscape with a human form.

Below you can compare the two creations. Click the first to visit the gallery where you will find dozens more contemporary variations of Bouguereau’s 1896 painting La Vague (The Wave). Click the second to view and download Sorted Wave (up to 3000 x 2220) on Flickr.

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Anatomy Of A Remastered Bouguereau

AMP Pix 830x600
Detail of Bouguereau + AmP dual corps. Click for full image

Stylist Amélie Panama and musician P. Michel form a creative duo that clearly have fun playing with images that come to them. The results are often striking and can be admired on their Facebook page, AMP pix, dual corps. Shown here is a detail of their “remastering” of Bouguereau’s 1882 painting Humeur Nocturne (Evening Mood). Below are two creations based on the same Bouguereau painting. Click the first to visit the gallery where you can find the original artwork and over seventy more remastered versions. Click the others to view them on Facebook.


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Bouguereau’s Bather Shrouded In Black Silence

Detail of Black Silence by Marta Bielsa on Behance Network. Click for full image

Marta Bielsa is a Spanish digital artist based in Madrid. She publishes her work on Behance Network, Facebook and her own website. One of her projects is entitled Black Silence, featuring a series of stunning black-and-white portraits. One of them is shown here. Although mirror-imaged, it is clearly based on Bouguereau’s 1870 painting Baigneuse (Bather).

Below you can compare the two versions. Click the first to visit the gallery where you will find nearly forty more contemporary variations. Click the second to view Marta’s Black Silence series on Behance Network.


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Bouguereau And The Apotheosis Of High-End Consumerism

Top: detail of The Apotheosis of High-End Consumerism. Bottom: thumbnail of the full collage. Click to explore on

What you see here is possibly the largest Bouguereau mashup ever created. The original image by Darrell Taylor is 42,600 pixels wide, by 6,600 tall. Printed at 300 dpi, the picture is twelve feet (365cm) wide. In Darrell’s own words:

‘This “surreallegory” uses current images and classic works of art to comment on a meta-religion that transcends traditional categorizations of world faiths: the deification of consumer goods–or, more simply, materialism. It was inspired by Jan van Eyck’s altarpiece at Ghent, the writings and etchings of William Blake, and the Home Shopping Network.’

‘Besides images of current photography, I stole/borrowed a number of images from works of art from the 15th to the 19th century […] But most prominent in this image are the works of the 19th century French academic painter, William-Adolph Bouguereau, whose “licked finish” nudes were contemporary (!) with the explosion of impressionism in other French artists of the time, the etchings, paintings, and poems of the 19th century British revolutionary, William Blake, and the matchless Ghent altarpiece, The Adoration of the Lamb, by Belgium’s 15th century Jan Van Eyck.’

‘I have imagined a dystopian apocalypse, featuring a cult of shopper-believers who bear witness to the transfiguration of consumer goods into heavenly deities, abetted by media’s relentess selling, and supported by the repression and exploitation of 3rd-world slaves, who produce our outsourced marketables. Some may notice a political statement as the dominant subtext.’

Below are some of the original Bouguereau paintings used in the collage. Click to visit the galleries.

lost-pleiad-original.jpg wasps-nest-original.jpg the-wave-original.jpg biblis-original.jpg

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Bouguereau’s Venus Meets Her ‘Sisters’ At Hopper’s Café

The Venuses Meet At Hopper’s Café by Karen Sprat. Click for full size

birth-of-venus-original.jpgAmong the many paintings and statues of the Roman goddess Venus three spring out: the Greek statue best known as the Venus of Milo, and the paintings of the birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli and William Bouguereau. In this oil painting by Karen Sprat (real size 24″x48″, 60x120cm) the three ladies meet at an iconic location: the café in Edward Hopper’s famous painting Nighthawks. Bouguereau’s Venus is the one on the left.
The thumbnail shows her in Bouguereau’s painting Naissance de Venus (Birth of Venus, 1879). Click to visit the gallery where you will find more than 140 other contemporary variations.

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Bouguereau Goes To The Movies

Flicka and Bouguereau by Mundo on FreakingNews. Click for full-size image (916px × 710px)

By the time the first moving pictures appeared William Bouguereau was already an elderly man so he may never have been to the movies. Never mind! Modern creative minds are quite capable of making the link between the art of the cinema poster and the art of the French master. In 2007, FreakingNews organized an Art Movies contest, challenging digital artists to “Photoshop characters from the old paintings starring in any movies“.

Shown above is Flicka and Bouguereau by Mundo who used Bouguereau’s 1895 painting Fardeau Agreable (Not too Much to Carry) in a scene from the 2006 movie Flicka. Below are the three highest scoring Remastered Bouguereaus from the contest. Click each to visit the galleries where you can find the original Bouguereau paintings and many more remastered versions.

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Bouguereau Turns The Lights Off – Wins Silver

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Bouguereau’s Temptation by funkwood on FreakingNews. Click for source

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement for the planet organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). On March 28, 2015, participants in over 7000 cities in 156 countries countries darkened homes, skyscrapers, and landmarks around the world. Photoshop site FreakingNews challenged digital artists to make their own contribution to Earth Hour by turning lights off in famous movies and paintings. Shown here is the second-prize winner in the contest, submitted by funkwood. His contribution is based on Bouguereau’s 1880 painting Temptation, shown left. Click to visit the gallery where you will find a dozen more contemporary variations.

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