Jeune Fille se Defendant Contre L’amour (Young Girl Defending herself against Cupid, 1880)

The first image shows the original painting. All others are remastered variations.
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girl-defending-original.jpg Outings Project Jeune fille se défendant contre le temps girl-defending-worksafe.jpg girl-defending-anna-nicole-smith.jpg girl-defending-helpful-cherub.jpg girl-defending-lizard.jpg girl-defending-valentine.jpg girl-defending-anorexia.jpg girl-defending-bondage.jpg girl-defending-living-art.jpg 995256_5a21_1024x2000 1346398_9640_1024x2000 Study of the Skeleton Study of the Muscle System 3D Rendering Ghost Art Coloring Red-blue 3D Ghost 8770-1268528185-clipboard01 (Animated gif)

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