L’Amour au Papillon (Cupid with a Butterfly, 1888)

The first image shows the original painting. All others are remastered variations.
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cupid-with-butterfly-original.jpg copid-with-butterfly-yoda.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-winter.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-hummer.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-george-carling.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-junkie.jpg 1346663_7a51_1024x2000 cupid-with-butterfly-rockwell cupid-with-butterfly-saddam-hussein.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-robot.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-robot2.jpg cupid-with-butterfly-ouch.jpg Graffiti Robot Mini Cherub Modern Cupid Fancy Christmas Tag Trixie bougureau011 Statuette 10051486_8532_1024x2000

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